Tokyo Babylon: $4.00 each (used: good cond.)

vol.6 Chinese Ed.

vol.23 vol.24 vol.25 vol.28 vol.29 vol.30
Sazan Eyes 3x3 Eyes -Takada Yuuzou- manga: $3.00
Chinese Ed. (used: good cond.)
-Kosuke Fujishima- manga package: $5.00
Dark Horse Comics (used: exellent cond.)

Oh My Goddess Issues:
Issue #2 Part 1 Issue #2 Part 2 Issue #5 Part 2 Issue #8 Part 2 Spec. Valentine Rhapsody You're Under Arrest Issue #1 '95
Oh My Goddess -Masakazu Katsura- manga package: $5.00
Comics World Chinese Ed. (used: good cond.)
vol. 1 vol. 2

Dominion manga package: $4.00
English ver. single issues #1-3 (used: excellent cond.)

Mai the Psychic Girl manga package: $3.00
Eclipse english ver. single issues #1-2 (used: excellent cond.)

Outlanders manga: $1.50
english ver. single issue #1 (used: excellent cond.)

Gon -Masashi Tanaka- manga: $4.00 (used: excellent cond.)
Publisher: Wide KC Morning
vol. 5 Gon -goes through the underground

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